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The contents of my purse.

You know you’re in china when your purse has the following things.

-Hello Kitty Umbrella.

-Ping Pong paddle and balls



-A mooncake

Ohhhh, china.

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Where am I?

I’m in China. But China’s huge so here is a little more about the area where I’m living.

China, Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City, Guzhen town. That’s a mouthful right? It’s pretty much like  Philomath city of Benton County, Oregon USA.  

Our city Zhongshan has a bunch of smaller towns and from what I hear are all unique as far as what they are known for. My little town of Guzhen is known for it’s lighting. There are literally a couple  hundred (I started counting) shops everywhere you go selling incredible lights, and only selling lights. Anything from chandeliers to colored ligthbulbs and everything imaginable in between. It really is crazy walking through the streets, but it makes sense of 75% of China’s lighting is produced and sold here.

I’m already in love with this city. It’s been so fun just walking around and exploring and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Some of my favorite things so far in include the night market and playing ping pong at the park.

The night market is incredibly dangerous. The reason is because everything is ridiculously cheap and it gets even cheaper if you know how to haggle. I’m at the point where $3.00(US) is too expensive for a nice shirt. It’s that cheap.

Luckily for me being a 5’11 american I can’t fit it to 90% of what they sell. But, with prices like that I’m tempted to buy it anyways. It’s amazing, and the sellers are all starting to know us because we have been quite often.

Ping Pong. It’s just a blast. Their parks here are so fun and a great place to hangout with friends and family. The one we go to has Ping pong tables, basketball,badminton,exercise equipment and cool stones to lay on that are good for your health.(oww). It’s really fun to go play there. All of the Asians look at us and laugh because obviously we are no where near as good as they are at ping pong. My goal is to get good and play against them while I’m here, so we’ll see how that goes.

There is a bit about my city. I’m having a hard time uploading pictures right now. I’ll have to work on that later.




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Every time I go abroad with ILP I find myself thinking “Why  am I here, am I crazy?!”

Yeah, a bit. Some people might think so and at  times I agree and question myself and why I’m doing this.

This is hard. This is stressful. Some days I just want to go home to America.(rarely)

But overall I am in love with this.

It’s hard, but I grow. It’s stressful, but rewarding. I miss America but, I’m in CHINA. China.

For real. By 19 I will have been to three continents 17 countries and had experiences that most people only dream of. For me those are not dreams, but a reality.

*Don’t worry, I’ll have more to add to this rant later and maybe even wrap up my thoughts so they make sense.*

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Safe in China!I…

Safe in China!

It was been a crazzzzy couple of days! Like seriously. 

I love it here though. And, I will update more soon!

My blog site it blocked, so I will have to buy something to make it work!

Woa ai ni!

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See ya later America.

I’m currently in Seattle. I feel at home whenever I get here. Even just being in the airport feels good! This is my last stop in the good ol’ USA and then I am off to Tokyo,Japan! In about 24 hours my Chinese adventure will begin in Hong Kong and after 2 days of vacation I will be in Guzhen, my new home.                It still hasn’t hit me that I’m doing this right now… Hopefully it does soon, because this is real life. Goooodbye america.



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That’s the word on my mind right now.
They are always out there, but how do we decide which to take?



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I feel like I’m frozen in time.

Or like, everyone else at home is.

When I talk to my friends, nothing new has changed or happen, but at the same time so much has.

It makes me feel like I’m not really missing out on things, but I also feel like I’m missing so much.

Because that totally makes sense….

Everything I do here doesn’t matter when I get home.  I can say I lived a few months in Europe, and everyone will see how much I’ve grown as a person. But besides that, no one can relate. No one will know what I truly did those few months and how they will always mean the world to me.

But, I will always be obsessed. I will always be grateful for what I’m doing and I will know how and why.



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It’s neat that when you are older you will be telling your kids stories about you being the “Best Dressed” in your high school, being the prom queen or being a cheerleader.

But, I’ll be telling mine about the year I lived in Europe, the countries I explored and the adventures that made me grow.

Now, that’s neat.


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“Time you old gypsy man, will you not stay, put up your caravan, just for one day.”

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