Nobody said it was easy!

Wanna know what my least favorite thing in the world is? This thing is about to happen in just 4 short days.
Before I tell you, I just want to let you know that this least favorite thing is something I bring upon myself. I choose it.
I go on these amazing adventures. Live in a foreign land.Meet interesting and unforgettable people. Eat extremely delicious food. See unreal and beautiful sights.  Teach adorable kids. Fall in love with adorable kids. and then…( here it comes…) Leave the adorable kids. The kids that I have fallen in love with. Shared the last few months with. Held hands with. Gave uncountable hugs to. Laughed with. Laughed at. Learned so much from.
So why do I keep doing this to myself? Setting myself up to say goodbye?
Because even though saying goodbye is hard I am so very grateful I have met them. The things they have taught me are unforgettable and they will never know how much they have truly impacted me.
You have 93 of the most amazing human beings I have yet to meet.
In the words of Coldplay…
“Nobody said it was easy; it’s such a shame for us to part. Nobody said it was easy… no one ever said it would be this hard.”
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Sometimes…. I don’t update my blog for a long while.

Sometimes…. I sing to the man singing outside my window, and he sings back, – in Chinese.

Sometimes… It hits me really hard that I have less than two weeks before I go home to America.

Sometimes…  I just stare at these little Asian babies and can’t bear the fact that I’ll soon be leaving them. I kind of love them.

Sometimes… I think about having to figure out my life when I  get home. I then get overwhelmed and think about  doing ILP a fourth time. That’s not crazy, right



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Back from my trip around China. It was incredible.

I’m a real woman now because I climbed the great wall. I saw with my own eyes the incredible Terracotta Warriors. I stepped back in time and saw the ancient Forbidden City. I spent 70+ hours on trains. I lived out of my backpack. And, I loved it.

More to come later. But for now, just know I LOVE CHINA.

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About to leave …

About to leave n my 11 day tour of China.

Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing and X’ian here I come!

Is this real life?

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Skyping Lithuania.

I was able to Skype my co-ordinator , Dima, from Lithuania tonight and, it was so amazing. Because I was in the first group of teachers to teach in Lithuania I feel like it’s my country, yeah I know everyone who goes will get attached and it will be their country and the kids will be their kids but I will always think of them as mine.

Dima has two daughters Alice and Sofia. When we got to Lithuania they didn’t speak English. Tonight when I was skyping them Alice started having a full on conversation with me. “Hello Teacher, how are you doing today? Today I colored a pony…” and on she went. Oh my goodness, my heart melted with joy. Seriously I was so happy I almost started crying. It is so neat to see where the girls were when I got there and to see them now. They have progressed so much and I am so glad I was able to play a small role in that. The school is doing really great and has grown a lot. It makes me so happy to hear Dima and how excited he is for the school but most importantly his girls.

It makes me miss Lithuania so much, which makes me miss Ukraine and now I’m just on a walk through memory lane thinking about all the wonderful people on this planet that I’ve been able to meet and call some of my dearest friends and family. They will always hold a special, special place in my heart.

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If I lived in China, I’d have some Chinese children…


I love me some Asian babies.

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A typical chinese meal. Aren’t I lucky?!

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You’ve most likely heard about the protests going on here in China.

If not… Well there are a lot of protests going on in China right now.

Basically  Japan and China have a disagreement over who owns several small islands.Each country claims rights to the islands and neither wants to give them up. This problem has been around for awhile but has started to get more heated and intense recently… So, yeah.

I’m safe! Nothing has been happening in my city(though there has been a lot of things going on in a city I was in for the weekend.).

Next week is our big 11 day vacation and we are going to Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. I’ve heard there have been some protests going on in some of those places.. I guess I’ll will see what we run into! But, I’ll be running into it smartly and remaining politically neutral.

I keep reading the last sentence and thinking “Man, that was such a homeschooler sentence.”


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I think I found…

I think I found a way that will work for me to upload pictures! Because I can’t put them on my blog I’ll upload them to an online album. Feel free to take a look!


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Hot motorcyclists.

One thing I love about foreign countries is their transportation. The main forms of transportation here are tricycle motor bikes, motorcycles and buses.

While in China on my bucket list is to ride on the back of an Asian mans motorcycle.. AND I JUST DID. I wanted to post while I’m still having my adrenalin rush!!!

Kaya and I decided to take one on the way home and it was so fun! It was a little scary at first, but I looooved it. The whole time I was freaking out about how scary having 3 people on a motorcycle was and also hoping this man who spoke no English took me home to the right place and didn’t kidnap two hot americans.

Well, I’m home. And, it’s checked off my list.

Booh yah.

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