Bucket List

Bucket List: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.
 Line through= Completed

-Swim with Manatees- Crystal River, Florida.  January 2008
-Ride a Mechanical Bull- Austin, Texas. March 2010
-Get “Slimed”- Orlando, Florida. May 2010
-See a Broadway Play- New York City. July 2009(Mary Poppins and Lion King) October 2009(Wicked)

-Visit all 50 states
-Visit 15 Countries (Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, France, England, Finland, Latvia,Estonia Germany, USA(it counts), Canada, Mexico, Tokyo, and China. 2010-2012) 
-Visit 5 Continents
-Shower in Slab City
-Camp on the Channel Islands
-Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
-Go on a roadtrip by myself
-Go on a roadtrip with a good friend – SAZ Roadtrip 2010
-Camp on the Beach
 Travel to  Europe – January 13th, 2010
-Ride on a sailboat
-Go Ghosthunting
-Get and SLR Camera – Canon Rebel XSI  Clermont, Florida July 2010
– See the Northern Lights
Go skinny dipping in the ocean (washington SAZ roadtrip 2011)
-Develop Film in a darkroom
-Live in the Pacific Northwest (oregon 2010-2012)
-Ride a train- September 18th Salem, Oregon to Seattle Washington
-Own my own business that brings in at least $1000.00

-Get a Passport January 5th, 2010

-Visit  a concentration camp    Auschwitz- 2011

-Backpack Europe with a friend

-Sell a large  print of my photography

-Use a Oujia board in a cemetery (austin texas july 2012)

-Ride an Elephant

-Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain

-Visit Pompei

-Walk the Great Wall of China

-Go white water rafting

-Shower in a waterfall

-Finish a whole tube of chapstick without losing it

-Visit 25 LDS temples

-Learn another language

-Get my GED

-Volunteer abroad (Ukraine 2011, Lithuania 2012, China 2012)

-Swim in Greece

-Learn how to use fondant and make a legit cake

-Learn how to use Chopsticks

-Attend a color festival

-Ride on the back of a Chinese mans motorcycle

-Play ping pong with an Asian

-Take a Bamboo raft through Yangshuo

-See rice terraces in China

-Go to the Forbidden City

-Go to Tiananmen Square

-Pick up violin again

-Learn guitar


2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Dear Auvi,
    Just so you know., you freaking rock!!! teach me how to be awesome!!! i have like a million bucket lists and haven’t done anything on them so to me, this is incredible ❤

  2. Thanks Amelia! I guess being awesome just comes naturally to me ;). Haha, nah. Just get out there and do it! It’s so much fun.

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