Skyping Lithuania.

I was able to Skype my co-ordinator , Dima, from Lithuania tonight and, it was so amazing. Because I was in the first group of teachers to teach in Lithuania I feel like it’s my country, yeah I know everyone who goes will get attached and it will be their country and the kids will be their kids but I will always think of them as mine.

Dima has two daughters Alice and Sofia. When we got to Lithuania they didn’t speak English. Tonight when I was skyping them Alice started having a full on conversation with me. “Hello Teacher, how are you doing today? Today I colored a pony…” and on she went. Oh my goodness, my heart melted with joy. Seriously I was so happy I almost started crying. It is so neat to see where the girls were when I got there and to see them now. They have progressed so much and I am so glad I was able to play a small role in that. The school is doing really great and has grown a lot. It makes me so happy to hear Dima and how excited he is for the school but most importantly his girls.

It makes me miss Lithuania so much, which makes me miss Ukraine and now I’m just on a walk through memory lane thinking about all the wonderful people on this planet that I’ve been able to meet and call some of my dearest friends and family. They will always hold a special, special place in my heart.

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