You’ve most likely heard about the protests going on here in China.

If not… Well there are a lot of protests going on in China right now.

Basically  Japan and China have a disagreement over who owns several small islands.Each country claims rights to the islands and neither wants to give them up. This problem has been around for awhile but has started to get more heated and intense recently… So, yeah.

I’m safe! Nothing has been happening in my city(though there has been a lot of things going on in a city I was in for the weekend.).

Next week is our big 11 day vacation and we are going to Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. I’ve heard there have been some protests going on in some of those places.. I guess I’ll will see what we run into! But, I’ll be running into it smartly and remaining politically neutral.

I keep reading the last sentence and thinking “Man, that was such a homeschooler sentence.”


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2 thoughts on “Protests.

  1. Olivia

    So you don’t know me, I’m creeping, but I was in Guzhen just a few short months ago so I have to read this blog. Kiss the babies for me, especially Chase and Kai Yang. And kiss Mary too haha. We miss her so bad!! Maybe we’ll skype you guys soon.

  2. Mamaw

    Be safe Baby, we have been watching this on the news. Ken and I love you so very much!!!

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